About Us

Sewing together t-shirts into a personable masterpiece began as a hobby for Breanna Zajac (Bowen). A skill she picked up in a high school Life Skills course, Bre was soon sewing together blankets as unique gifts for her friends and family members.

The positive feedback and increasing support soon opened the doors to take the hobby one step further. With the help of Steve Zajac and the launch of an e-commerce website, Bre’s Blankets was born and has been going strong ever since.

Bre’s Blankets is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and provides the benefit of a small-town, personalized approach for a customer service experience that is second to none. This means we take the time to make sure your blanket turns out just the way you want it. We take pride in our process and in our prices and we are positive that you will too.

We are always looking for a new challenge, so if you have a new, creative idea in mind for a blanket, please don’t hesitate to ask! Visit our photo gallery to see some examples of blankets we’ve made in the past.



Bre’s Blankets is founded and run by Breanna Zajac and Steve Zajac. In addition to their entrepreneurial success, both Bre and Steve hold degrees in education from Central Michigan University and currently teach in West Michigan schools. From planning each blanket, carefully snipping, stitching, and sewing to marketing and managing business operations, Bre and Steve oversee every aspect of the business.

Aside from their work in schools and with Bre’s Blankets, Bre and Steve are very active in volunteering their time both in and outside of their community. Haiti holds a special place in their hearts, as they have volunteered on several mission trips here, working in the orphanages and schools there.

Bre and Steve tied the knot in 2016. They have two young children, Calloway and Bexley, who will learn the family business some day soon!