How do I ship my t-shirts?

You may use any shipping service you want to send your t-shirts. As long as you can get the shirts to us, we will make sure they return back to you in blanket form. More detailed instructions on the shipping process is provided upon checkout.

Do I need to cut out out any portion of my t-shirts?

No, we will handle all of the cutting. In fact, we ask that you do not cut out the t-shirts into squares before sending to us. Other companies ask you to to separate the front and backs of the shirts before shipping. However, we want to make it as easy as possible on our customers so slicing the shirts in half is not necessary.

Can I use both sides of a shirt?

Absolutely. Using both the front and back of your t-shirt in the blanket is very common and looks great in themed blankets. You can let us know exactly which front and back sides you would like to use or we can decide what we think looks best.

Is there a limit to the amount of shirts I can use in my blanket?

What makes Bre’s Blankets so great is that there is no limit to the size of our blankets. We have created everything from lap to king-size blankets to accommodate the number of t-shirts you wish to use.

If I use both the front and back side of a t-shirt in my blanket, will each square still cost $5?

Yes, each square that we use in the standard blanket will cost $5 regardless of whether we cut out both the front and back sides of a shirt ($3/square for baby t-shirt blankets, $7/square for XL t-shirt blankets).

How long will it take to make my blanket?

The amount of time will be dependent on the current number of orders currently in our blanket queue. Our customers are typically shocked at how quickly we are able to get the blankets back to them. We will do our best to make sure your blanket is created and shipped back to you as quickly as possible.

Can I use material other than t-shirts?

Yes! We have made some unique blankets in the past using sports jerseys, sweatshirts, baby clothes, etc. We’ve even made blankets out of other blankets. We can accommodate just about any type of material you wish to use.

What is on the back of the blanket?

Each of our blankets contains a soft fleece backing and outer border with the color of your choice. The thick, quality fabric that we use is what makes Bre’s Blankets so much more comfortable than our competitors.

What if I don’t have enough shirts to use?

In addition to using both the front & back sides of your shirts, we can also add solid colored t-shirts as necessary to fill in the gaps. Like all other t-shirts, using our solid-colored fillers will cost $5 per square.

How many shirts are recommended to cover a bed?

Check out our reference chart page for our the amount of t-shirts we recommend using to create a blanket to fit common bed sizes.

Can I put in a special request for my blanket?

Sure, we provide a Comments area at Checkout for any special notes you have for your blanket. If you have any questions before ordering your blanket, please send us a message via our Contact form and we will be in touch ASAP!

Can I drop my shirts off if my local?

Absolutely!  Please email us or call us to arrange drop off.  If you are dropping off, you do not need to place an order on the website, as it will automatically charge you for shipping.  We can handle payment in person!